Feature-Length Documentary and Film DP

Many of the same skills Robert brings to his other work, he brings to his work as a film DP. Those skills include composition and framing, the steadiest hand-held available without using a Steadicam, the ability to paint the frame with lighting, and the kind of demeanor you want on the set or on location.

“Robert, when I was working in the biz, some of my fondest memories are from working with you. It was everything from working with turkeys, and loading mags in a hop room in a brewery. Fun times.”

Blake Rizk, Retired


Clients Agree…

Huntin’ Bigfoot: Feature-length romantic comedy

Studio: Big Picture Film's

Starring: Jamie Janek and Ben Utecht

Directed and written By: Thom Pearson

Produced by: Michael Pitts/Big Picture Films

Director of Photography: Robert Durland

 Inside the Vietnam War: Three-part documentary

A two-and-a-half hour documentary released in three parts and produced by National Geographic. The Vietnam War was a decade-long struggle that humbled America. No detail is spared in this three-part, back-to-back special.

2nd Unit DP: Robert Durland

Wellstone! The Movie: Feature-length documentary

Carry It Forward Productions and Hard Working Pictures

Directed by: Lu Lippold, Dan Luke and Laurie Stern

Written by: Laurie Stern

Edited by: Dan Luke and Lu Lippold

Music by: Jeff Sylvestre

Produced by: Pam Colby

Executive Producer: Shayna Berkowitz

Director of Photography: Robert Durland

 Million Dollar Baby: One-hour documentary

 A documentary produced by KARE 11. The documentary looks at the survival of premature babies, some weighing as little as 12 ounces, and the high cost associated their survival.

Quietly Disturbed: One-hour documentary

 A documentary produced by KARE 11. This doc examines the mental and physical health of female adolescents, and the pressures society places on young women.

 Shock Rock: One-hour documentary

 A documentary produced by KARE 11. The doc looks at the language of lyrics in music and its impact on youth.

Just say Maybe:  One-hour documentary

 A documentary produced by KARE 11. This controversial documentary is about the war on drugs and its consequences on American society.

Contact Robert Durland Documentary and Film DP

Robert works with producers and directors in multiple locations including Chicago, L.A., Atlanta, Phoenix and Albuquerque.  If you’d like to give Robert a shot on your next shoot, please call 612-386-9060 or send an email with your questions or comments.