Director of Photography, 20 x 60 foot green screen

Magic spot

“I shot this on C-300, 5 6K space lights, plus side lighting. It was fun to work with rabbits, a horse and a magician.” Robert


“I’ve shot more than 100 spots for Slumberland, and here’s one. I used a 10K light on a dolly, with a dimmer, to get sunrise and sunset shots. Shot on Red, medium crew, one day shoot. Shot at Slumberland studios, great location to shoot in. Lisa Illies produced and directed, Shelly Stark wrote and art directed.” Robert

NBC Wx Now

“This was one shot, starting at 48 frames per second, ramping down to 24 for sync sound. Shot on Red, half day shoot, seven person crew including producer/director David Kodet, and makeup. Love this spot, and talent. My 16 year old daughter Shelby was driving the boat. We were about 200 feet from parking lot, camera, dolly, track, apple boxes, etc., all had to be hiked up the hill at Baker Park. Life’s a struggle, isn’t it?” Robert

BMW of Minnetonka, Holiday Commercial

This fun, colorful spot was shot on the 5D Mark II, in about 6 hours. The crew was three people – the Producer/Director, myself as DP, and a grip.

KARE: Share In What’s Next

“This KARE image spot was filmed with a 5D Mark II and Panasonic 170 (for the green screen and time lapse shots). The snow machines were wonderful and especially helpful considering our wimpy winter that year. I used the Dana Dolly for most of the shots, which was easy to set up and move.  The aerials were shot from a Jet Ranger (from Scott’s Helicopters in New Ulm). We had the door removed, and I was harnessed in, so I could sit on edge of seat, with my feet out the door. It gave us a wide view of the city, but it was a bit cold.” Robert

Gigi Marvin/Old Dutch Potato chips

“The Writer/Producer/Director on this spot was David Kodet and I was the Director of Photography. Gigi was great to work with and even brought her Silver Medal for all to see. The spot was shot on Canon 5D Mark II, during a half day shoot, with gaffer, grip and audio. The camera seen in the commercial is my (retired) DigiBeta camera, being downgraded in this spot to the role of Prop.” Robert

Old Dutch: Right Here!

“The director and I drove more than 750 miles in a day-and-a-half to get the iconic shots of Minnesota. He even doubled as talent in the shot with Babe the Blue Ox.  We used the Dana dolly because of its ease of setup with the small crew in the backyard shots, and because it adds a nice touch of movement on the images. The cornfield shot was on Milo (gaffer) Durben’s tractor in front of his neighbor’s cornfield, with his son Zack as grip.” Robert

Once Upon A Child

“Shot on 5D Mark II, medium crew. In four days we shot 5 spots. Producer Chan Phillips knew what he wanted, and made it a great shoot.

All five spots are on this clip, with shorter versions at the end, so don’t feel like you have to watch them all…” Robert