Robert Durland DP: Midwest Based and Well-Traveled

Since 1979, Robert has been behind the lens of a camera.

As a Director of Photography he is often asked go where no one else is asked to go and willing to do what no one else is asked to do. Hang out of a helicopter at 30 below? Sure. Choreograph a marching band through a studio without lights glinting off shiny brass instruments? You bet. Time a camera move to the moment when a horse sits down on a mattress? No problem. Make a Producer look good day in and day out? Absolutely.

Robert Durland is a DP based in the Midwest who travels frequently to locations as required by his clients. A Los Angeles-based producer recently had Robert shoot for him in L.A. A Minnesota-based production company sent him to Canada in the winter. A Chicago-based producer needed his DP services for a shoot in Mississippi.

Robert’s versatility as a DP makes him a valuable asset no matter what the location, or the venue.

Robert is an incredibly talented DP. I’ve had the pleasure to work with him on many occasions.

He’s very knowledgeable on the latest technologies and capabilities of cameras.”  

Brian Walstad, Independent Producer

A Passion for Gestalt | Skilled at Handheld

One of Robert’s passions is composition, specifically the principles of Gestalt as they apply to composition.  Gestalt theory, based on the German word meaning “shape,” is a theory of principles that are supposedly free from subjective aesthetic bias. The principles are equilibrium, closure, proximity, lines of sight, figure/ground and isomorphic correspondence. Even if you haven’t studies Gestalt theory, you can intuitively feel it when you view the composition of Robert’s moving images.

Robert’s background as a DP working for television news, also gave him hours upon hours of experience with handheld videography. Gone are the days of 40 pound cameras and battery packs, however the skill remains. Not everyone can shoot handheld as smoothly as a former news shooter. This background also gave Robert the ability to think on his feet. When you have one chance at the shot, or the shoot, you need a DP who will deliver.

For more information: Robert Durland Resume (PDF)

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