“Robert is an expert at what he does – has his eye on everything on the set. The camera moves, the lighting, everything it takes to make great footage.  I know I can count on him to help us turn out a good product, every time.  He is great with crew members and sets a tone on the set that’s fun and friendly, but very efficient and smooth running. He is a joy to work with.”

Shelley Kingrey | Creative Director

Robert Durland DP

Midwest Based and Well-Traveled

A versatility DP is a valued asset; no matter the location, or venue or circumstance.

Since high school, Robert has been behind the lens of a camera.   A DP with the dexterity of a news photographer, the sensibilities of cinematographer, and a producer/director’s understanding.

  • Commercials: From two-person field production to full studio crew (dollies, marching bands, animals and babies, comfortable with a wide range).
  • Features “Nobody’s Son”; “Huntin’ Bigfoot”
  • Documentaries: “HomeGrown”; “Shock Rock”; “WELLSTONE! The Movie”
  • Sports: Broad range of experience as a sports DP, includes NFL films, NBA entertainment, ‘84 Olympics,
  • Corporate: Mom & pop to Fortune 500.