Commercial, Film, Sports and Corporate Photographer

Experienced with film and all current formats.  Currently working with his Arri Amira Premiere, Canon C-300 and 5D Mark II & IV, Ronin S, Phantom 4 Drones.

As needed, will procure the specific camera and other support gear you need for your production.

As a Director of Photography, projects include Discovery Channel’s “Gimme Shelter,” videos for Prince and Michael Jackson, the network open for “The Tom Arnold Show,” among others.  The majority of his work tends to fall in four main areas:

  • Commercials: Award-winning national and regional spots
  • Features “Nobody’s Son”; “Huntin’ Bigfoot”
  • Documentaries: “HomeGrown”; “Shock Rock”; “WELLSTONE! The Movie”
  • Sports: NFL Films, NBA Entertainment, CBS Sports, Major League Baseball, Minnesota Wild.
  • Corporate: Include Gannett Productions, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Emerson Process, Ameriprise, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.


National Production Capabilities

Robert is connected in the Upper Midwest with news and sports crews, video production companies, producers, production coordinators, makeup artists etc.  Robert can recommend a great team for you, or send you in the right direction for local rental houses,

Robert also has a network of connections throughout the U.S. including Chicago, L.A., Atlanta, Phoenix and Albuquerque.



Cell:  612-386-9060                                                                  Email:  [email protected]