Commercial DP – Art and Skill

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As a commercial producer or director, you want a DP who has the technical skill and experience you need, and who can fine tune his aesthetic sensibilities to a director’s vision and to a producer’s budgetary requirements. Robert is a veteran commercial DP who sets the aesthetic and thematic tone of  the productions on which he works, always with the director’s vision as the guiding course.

“Your vision…my eye,” is more than a slogan. It is the reason Robert is in high demand as a commercial director of photography.

 “Mr. Durland is great. I have used him as my shooter for nearly 25 years! He has the ability to produce high quality – high value or run and gun and handles each of them with style and integrity. His experience has been of great assistance to me at every shoot. He has your back when there is nobody else there for you to count on. I have learned to rely on Robert and his network of pros to always get the job done right, regardless of what it may take! Often, the cast and crew, directed by Robert have turned ho-hum into wow through the art of setting the stage and artfully lighting the scene!   Would I use Mr. Durland in the future……Yah, I suppose I would. And, you should too!”

Dan Foote, Ad Agency Creative Director

Clients Agree…

Ask Robert about his passions and why he enjoys his work and he’ll mention two things: composition and lighting. Like all experienced commercial DPs, Robert’s attention to detail begins in pre-production planning, and carries through the shoot to wrapping up the final details when production ends. Robert’s commercial DP portfolio of work includes productions with the following clients:

  • Antonelli Advertising
  • Big Island
  • Big Picture, Inc.
  • Big Ten Network
  • BrainWorks Media
  • D.W. Creative
  • Flyover LLC
  • Foote & Co.
  • Gavex
  • Hallau Shoots
  • Hooker & Company
  • Mahoney Media
  • Media Impacts
  • Red Rocket
  • Weber Sandwick

Contact Robert Durland Commercial DP

Robert works with producers and directors in multiple locations including Chicago, L.A., Atlanta, Phoenix and Albuquerque.  If you’d like to give Robert a shot on your next shoot, please call 612-386-9060 or send an email with your questions or comments.