WILD Playoff Teaser 

“This was a fun shoot interacting with the crowds before and during the games.  It was produced and edited by Paul Loomis, who has granted me permission to share the link.” Robert

Kevin Love NUMB#RS

 “This promo was designed to help Kevin Love get in the All Star game in 2011. I filmed it backstage at the Target Center, shot on a 5D, Mark II, with Steadicam during a 1/2 day shoot with a small crew. Director and creative was Chad Flokestad, with the Timberwolves Media team. It was not shot as a commercial, but as a promotional about Kevin, and the Wolves. The good news is that it got more than 145,000 You Tube hits, and was aired on all major sports channels. A fragrance was produced to accompany the promo spot, but don’t ask me how it smells. Keven was added to the All Star team that year.” Robert